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60 countries, desktop & mobile

USA isn't the whole world. With 60 countries supported, EroSpy allows you to find goldmines and see what's profiting in virtually any country you can think of. No other spy tool comes even close.


Since EroSpy monitors campaigns 24/7 during their whole lifetime, timeline is the best way to display all the details about each campaign over time. For every ad, timeline shows all countries where an ad was active and all sites where an ad was running on each date.

EroSpy timeline

Advanced filtering

Finetune your search by combining dozens of filters such as traffic network, publisher, advertiser, device, country, ad size, rank, time active, zone, running period and ad format

EroSpy filtering
EroSpy rank

Ad rank

Ad rank shows you the ranking number of each ad on each site. Ads with lower number rank are those that appear first, get the most impressions and they have the highest bid. This way, you can immediately tell which ads are making the most money.

Sorting ads

After you specify your filters, you can sort search results by ad rank, newest ads or top ads. Top Ads analyzes multiple parameters of each ad to determine which ones are the most successful and is the easiest way to find winner ads with just one click.

EroSpy sorting
EroSpy Landing Pages

Landing pages

If the advertiser is split testing a few different variations of the landing page or changes the landing page over time, EroSpy will catch all of that and show you all the different landing page variations that were being used for each ad.


Not all placements are equal. Now you can filter ads by your desired placement such as Next To Video, Homepage, In-video, Instant message etc. This way you can distinguish ads from more premium placements from cheaper placements that are mostly used for remnamt or RON traffic.

EroSpy Zone and Placement
EroSpy banner size

Ad size

Filter ads by all popular ad sizes or size groups such as squares, skyscrapers, footers or mobile ad sizes.

Ad details by publisher

If the same ad has been running on multiple sites/publishers, you can see its stats for each publisher individually. This allows you to precisely determine the sites where an ad is the most successful.

EroSpy ad details by publisher
EroSpy General ad details

General ad details

Under each ad you see its general, average stats accross all placements and publishers to give you an idea of overall ad performance.

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