FAQ and features
What is EroSpy?
EroSpy is a new leading adult spy tool that comes with many inovations and never before seen features that allow media buyers to get the most accurate insight in advertising campaigns across all popular adult sites.
EroSpy is the most advanced adult spy tool today. Aside from collecting and providing a lot more information than any other similar solution, it intelligently organizes and filters all the data to provide its users full control and flexibility in order to find desired campaigns and show all its detailed information in a simple user interface.
What makes EroSpy the best choice for adult media buyers?
EroSpy has several main functions and allows its users to:

  • Gain advertising awareness across all popular adult traffic networks and sites, or more simply put, see what works and what doesn't in online adult marketing space.

  • Quickly find the most profitable campaigns and get all the information you need so you can model them or use certain information to create your own profitable campaigns.

  • Save time and money you would have spent testing thousands of ads, landing pages, angles and offers in order to find out what works. Now all these information and the best performing campaigns are just a few clicks away.
Main benefits
Online advertising is getting more competitive each day and that is especially true when it comes to adult media buying. Back in the day, such spy tools were very rare and limited so only a few individuals could use them to gain a huge competitive advantage.

Nowadays, things have changed a lot and it is no longer a privilege to have access to such tools but it has pretty much became a necessity if you want to stay ahead and not get crushed by other advertisers, affiliates and media buyers.

EroSpy, as a leading and the most advanced adult spying tool today, allows you to be ahead of a huge majority of other media buyers who are not using it.
Do I need an adult ad spy tool to make money as an adult media buyer?
EroSpy has all the powerful features you need to find the most successful campaigns and position yourself as the top media buyer in your desired vertical. Here are some of them:

Search ads by:

  • Traffic network
  • Publisher
  • Advertiser

Combine as many of these powerful filters as you want to filter campaigns:

  • Targeted devices
  • Choose from 60+ countries
  • Ad sizes
  • Ad rank
  • Minimum number of days being active
  • Zones/placements
  • Desired running timeframe
  • Ad file formats

Specify the maximum age of displayed results (in days) and sort ads by:

  • Newest first
  • Ad rank
  • Top ads

Get all the basic information for each ad:

  • Ad size, format, device, running period, days being active and average rank across all publishers

Ad timeline graphically shows you:

  • All targeted countries for selected ad:
    • number of days active for each country
    • exact running period for each country

  • All publishers/targeted sites where selected ad has been running:
    • number of days active on each site
    • exact running period on each site
    • average rank on each site
    • traffic network where selected ad is managed for each site
    • all the zones/placements for each site where an ad has been active
    • function to view all other active and paused ads on that same site

Advertiser information:

  • Advertiser name/domain
  • All the landing page variations used for selected ad
  • Function to view all other ads from the same advertiser

Bookmark feature:

  • Save any ad/campaign of interest and easily access them anytime later on your bookmarks page
What are EroSpy features that allows me to find desired campaigns?
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